September 21, 2023
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New Paradigm of Corporate Lighting Strategy

THE VLTRA Smart Technology(VST) from Samjin LED brings the first human centric solution by adding the new dimension of lighting control to simulate the natural daylight.  The VST allows the facility manager to customize the lighting environment to optimize the end user experience, delivering values beyond mere energy savings.

Blue Boost Ready

Applying the research findings that increase of blue enriched white light may improve human alertness, users can activate increase of daylight-like intensity from their authorized GUI.

One Touch Light Level Memory

Each zone can maintain the preferred light level throughout the day by simply memorizing the user’s favorite setting with VST Wall Controller’s One Touch Memory function.

Personal Control Panel

Administrator can grant individual control capacity by assigning related fixtures to an individualized graphic user interface.  VST automatically remembers the last programmed setting.

Intelligent RF Technology

VST ready products can be addressed individually without additional wiring from VST Wall Control Stations.  Individual identity of the controlled fixtures can be pre-programmed or reconfigured at the installation site.
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